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Cainbable Mountain Lodge

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About Cainbable Mountain Lodge

The new Lookout and BBQ area. Another example of Excellence thru Guesswork!



Geoff  Carter lives permanently at Cainbable. I can offer advice and information about the attractions of the area. I have lived here since 1984. Prior to  purchase of the land it was owned by local cattle farmers and was totally undeveloped.  The big news was the purchase of mains electricity in 1995, life was a lot easier after that!


Governor Logan noted in his diary the view from the top of a peak located at the head waters of the stream known today as Canungra Ck. From here he named Mt Misery after the terrible climb he endured. Cainbable itself was named on 16/8/1928 when the surveyor Mr R.A. Svy constructed the annulus of stones on top of Cainbable and surveyed much of the surrounding land.


Just recently the original survey tree (Original Reference Tree, or  ORT) was relocated, you will see it as you enter the property. It dates from when the road was originally surveyed in 1902. When the bark was removed the date was still faintly visible. The surveyors have reinstated the markings, including the Queensland Government broad arrow. The original survey is still availiable from Dept of Natural Resources.


The property was subdivided in 1944 at a cost of 7 Pounds and 10 shillings. Until the early 1990's, when satellite positioning was introduced, Cainbable was an important trig point used to survey much of the local land.

From 1928 until 1940 the land was road reserve used by locals as a picnic place. During the second world war Cainbable was used as a beacon for troops training at nearby Canungra Land Warfare Centre. The beacon was lit every nite so troops could work out where they were as maps of the area were very poor. Today there are still old coins,shell caseings and bottles around the area dating back to the war. At its peak there were about 70 troops in tents living on the property.

In 1954 the land was purchased from the Lands Administration Commission now Dept of Natural Resources. It was used to graze cattle but was generally unsuitable. I purchased the property in 1984.


Below some images from the  new lookout shelter and some friends who helped me build it.



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